Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Back!

Hi everyone, I'm back from sunny Arizona and ready to stamp. We had a great time on vacation despite the fact that Bethany was sick the first 4 days and I got the flu the last 2. Hmmmm....there's no place like home.

I have a stamp share that I am involved in this weekend and have to make 3 different cards. In other words, I better get stampin' I will share them with you all either Saturday or Sunday depending on time.

The next couple of days will be spent sorting the bulk mono order I just placed 1440 pieces. It has to be sorted before Saturday and I also have to make the 3 cards (12 of each design).

Hope you all are doing well!


Jennifer Orbaker said...

You sound like a busy girl! Have fun!

Erin... said...

good luck getting everything done!!!

Stacey said...

Welcome back, good luck with all your projects!

Vickie said...

welcome back! Bless your heart you will be busy!!

Jennifer said...

Glad you had a good time. Take it easy with all you have to do, so you don't get sick again!

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