Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Crazy Week!

It has been such a crazy buzy week. I haven't done any stamping at all! I have been trying to get some other business things done though so at least it has been stamping realated right?!?! I am starting a virtual stamping club in March! If anyone is interested email me and I will get the information out to you. Hopefully I will get some stamping done soon and get it posted!

My family is coming on Thursday for the weekend and we have 2 birthday party's on Saturday. The crazy thing with that is that the parties are both for people who have birthdays on different days other than Saturday and my birthday IS on Saturday. Hmmmm wondering when we're celebrating my birthday (maybe a surprise party - doubt it! 8o)~ )

Have a great week and Happy Stampin'!


*Jenni* said...

Come back soon!

Jennifer Orbaker said...

Happy early Birthday!

Trina said...

Happy Birthday!

Robin said...

Drop everything and stamp. . .quick!

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